Designing Your Direct Mail Ad to Get Responses

Do you frequently send out direct mail ads to prospective customers only to meet with little or no response? There are a few simple changes that your can make to your campaign that will more than likely boost your response rate significantly.

The first and most basic tip is to personalize each letter with the customer’s name. For shorter mailing lists you might even consider writing the names (as well as your signature) in by hand, in an attempt to add a “personal touch” to the sales copy.

If your business has a frequently used mailing list (of previous customers for example), you may want to consider sending your mailings at different times of the month, and in different colors and shapes of envelopes, so as to capture the reader’s interest with each unique mailing.

It may also be a good idea to print some or all of your mailings on recycled paper, and making it clear to customers that you do so. That way, you can better capture the attention of earth-conscious readers, by letting them know that your company does its part for the environment.

Finally, it’s tried and proven that adding a P.S. message to the end of each letter can be used to draw attention to certain points, while giving you one more chance to capture the reader’s interest. It’s a good idea to include a short “summary” of your overall message (condensed into a sentence or two), directly followed by your contact information.