Two-Step Direct Marketing Will Instantly Increase Your Response

The FREE BOOKLET method of giving people information is called two-step marketing. I did not create it. It has been around for years.

Why use the Free Booklet Giveaway?

With this you can give your prospective clients what they want INFORMATION. Then they can make an educated decision and more than 50% of them are going to choose YOU. Because you were the one contractor who took the time to educate them.

Ok. You just ran an ad in the newspaper and that ad cost you $160.00 and you have 8 people call. Those eight people cost you $160, or $20 each. They have cost you a lot. So collect and keep those names for more mailings’?

You need to go keep in contact with these prospects at least once a month. Some contractors even feel these new callers are a nuisance. Don’t get to be that way!

Mail them your free booklet? The prospects that have contacted you are shopping for heating & cooling. Don’t let them get away!

If you are currently collecting names of these type of prospects, good for you. If you’re not, you must start. These prospects are qualified people – you couldn’t buy this list of names from anyone. It is very important to your company’s continued growth that you collect them.

These people might not decide to buy today or tomorrow, but they might come back next week or next month. You need to continue mailing to them until they use your company.


A great two-step ad is carefully worded, with only two reasons to exist:

– To create interest or curiosity in the reader

– To prompt her toward taking an action.

That is the essence of step one in a two-step mail order promotion.

In your ad you will promise the reader a “free report” in exchange for her mailing address.

There are two basic reasons why prospects don’t buy from you:

#1 They don’t need what you are selling.


#2 They don’t believe what you tell them.

Your prospects already have overcome #1 because they called you (we will teach you later how to get more prospects to call), now you need to overcome #2, make them believe.

Don’t feel that your prospects aren’t very important because they haven’t bought anything. These prospects are like money in the bank just waiting for you to make them believers.

Still, to achieve maximum effectiveness with two-step marketing, there are a few rules to be observed.

Rule 1 – Don’t Try to Sell From a Small Ad

Once again, a two-step advertisement has one purpose only – to create interest or curiosity in the reader, and prompt her to take a desired action. That action is, of course, to contact you for further information. Selling is not the issue at this point.

Rule 2 – Advertise Benefits and Solutions

Many experienced two-step marketers say the product or service itself should never be directly mentioned in the text of the ad. Instead, the ad should only convey benefits the reader can gain, or possibly a solution to a defined problem.

Rule 3 – Convenient Contact

Make it as easy as possible for the reader/prospect to get the information she wants. It’s best to include at least two contact methods within the ad text (your address, your telephone number.)

Rule 4 – Follow Up for the Sale

Depending on the statistics one reads, as little as 20% of all sales are made on the first contact. That means as much as 80% of potential profits hang in the balance, depending on multiple follow up contacts to close sales and render a profitable campaign.

Rule 5 – Test Your Ads and Track the Results

It’s important to track the results from each ad you run. The pulling power of one ad will frequently outweigh all others by virtue of a few simple word changes.

Please understand that this kind of marketing is a percentage game. You need to get a “X” amount of leads to convert a percentage of your prospects into clients. Once you realize that you need 100 prospects to get 5 new clients, you’re on your way. Then you know it takes 200 prospects to get 10 clients. This is what every contractor should know – but they don’t.