Mailing Equipment for Your Business

Mailing equipment generally refers to any machines that could be used to cut down on the time, effort, and cost of sending large amounts of commercial mail. This description includes all devices used to fold, weigh, label, or print on outgoing mail and envelopes.

Buying equipment for your mailroom can be a great investment in the overall efficiency of your company, but it’s important to do the necessary calculations to determine whether buying expensive mailing machinery is a good course of action for your business.

In general, mailroom equipment is only worth having if you send a large volume of mail (100+ letters per day) for either marketing, invoicing, or customer and employee relations purposes.

For the majority of small businesses, it makes more sense to lease mailing equipment than purchase it outright, as the cost of fully equipping a mailroom all in one go can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

It is generally possible to lease low-grade mailing equipment starting at $25/month for each machine. Industrial-level machinery, such as automatic envelope printing and sorting machines, meanwhile, will generally lease for between $100 and $250 per month.

Overall, it’s a good idea to add up the total monthly cost of the equipment you plan to buy, and compare it with the time that your employees are currently spending on manual mail-related tasks. Making this simple calculation is the only way to find out for sure what, if any, automated mailing machines it makes sense for your company to acquire.